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Sports & Other Activities


The Department of Physical education was established in the year 1992, strives to cater the needs and to enhance the overall personality of the students. The department includes indoor and outdoor games like

  • Basket ball
  • Khokho
  • Kabbadi
  • Volley ball
  • Shuttle Badminton
  • Tenni-koit
  • Chess
  • Carroms and Athletics

In addition to that, the Dept. conducts fitness programmes that reduce the physical and mental stress. The Dept is well equipped with sufficient indoor hall, gymnasium, and playground like basketball, volley ball, tenni-koit, shuttle badminton and also tries to help students to face highly competitive sports world in the midst of revolution of rising expectations and ambition of projecting their best performance in college, intercollege, national and international level.

The Department has provided with a well organized library having sufficient books and journals on sports and games, to enhance the knowledge, playing performance, skills and abilities of the students. And conducting classroom teaching using LCD projectors, showing videos in computer and live matches through online and making them to familiarize with the particular sport to participate in competitions.

With these activities the dept proves that physical education is the part and parcel of the general education and it helps to improve physical, mental, social and psychological aspects.

Other activities

Technical Activities

Several technical and management events such as Workshops, Training Programs, Leadership Events, Yoga and Meditation activities provide opportunities to the students to interact with the best brains in the world in respective fields including Noble Laureates.

Outbound Activities

The college promotes several organized and guided educational and nature trips which provide students to go beyond the realm of the four walls of the college and learn through real life experiences. The tours taken to premier institutions like IITs and IIMs help students to gain understanding of those institutions and create a deep ambition to reach that level. The students are also taken to nature trips to beautiful and scenic places such as Munar, Tekkadi, Coorg.

Social Initiatives at ADC

With an aim to nurture managers with values, knowledge skills and actions, which would make them more humane and globally responsible citizens, Pragathi has set up PCT (Pragathi Cares for Them) to undertake social initiatives. PCT attempts to encompass the virtuous integration of Heart, Head and hand through these social initiatives. The social initiatives at PDC are implemented through a program, which we believe would help evolve students to manage and run modern business, as a true global citizen with a sense of responsibility and commitment towards the environment and society at large.

PCT at PDC concentrates on important issues connected with the environment and collaborates with several social organizations representing corporate bodies, government organizations and NGO's. Students of PDC contribute to the society by involving themselves in various developmental initiatives.

My Telangana Project

My telangana Project, the initiative taken by Pragathi's Degree College is to sensitize the students for the protection of our environment and society. This initiative is derived from three main principles that are followed by the college - Concentrate, Collaborate and Contribute. Pursuing important questions transform students from passive receivers of information into active learners, thinkers and problem solvers.

The objectives of this component are

  • To promote collaborative work among students and emphasize the importance of cooperation and social skills.
  • To develop attitudes and skills related to cooperation in a solution oriented team.
  • To enhance their creative flair through interpretation and presentation.
  • Gain firsthand experience of challenges faced in real time social initiatives.
  • Reflect analyze and document the experiences gained through the My Telangana Project.

Other Social Initiatives

  • Improving the Green Cover
  • Reducing usage of Hydro Carbon Fuel Sources of energy
  • Promoting potable Drinking Water solutions
  • Promoting Organic and Health Foods and Diet
  • Adopting Zero waste Management Solutions and Promotion of Eco Friendly packaging and carry bag solutions.
  • Tie up with various organizations every year on the eve of Ganesha festival to promote the usage of clay idols which are environment friendly.
  • Working with YouSee in maintenance of equipment, physical infrastructure like toilets, restoring unused equipment, painting walls and cots for reuse at Gandhi Hospital.